how  effective do you think your blog is?

my blog is not that effective . and you will see it by yourself.To keep you motivated – and to help you start seeing results from my blog – but you can see that my blog is good but not that effective to people.


how could you improve your blog?

i would improve as putting some pictures in my blog and the background need to be changed and i need to write it in my own words not to copy and paste thing. also i need to express my words to my audience.

how effective do you think your comments were?

my comments were kind of bad because i didn’t see any comment about what i said. the person didn’t reply back so i think it was super bad.

did you get a response to any of your comments? discuss what was your favourites blog post and why? no,i didn’t get any response .my favourites blog post was the best of best african shoes. because it actually remind me about the past , that why i decided to pick that post. its an emotional post.

are  there any problems /errors/ bugs with your blog? what are they ?

yes, i think my blog has a lot of problems and errors, the spelling and grammar, the way i decided to put my ideas and information wasnt that interesting and the people who will be visiting my blog , they won’t be happy with the way i spelt some words wrong. and the way i copied and paste.

how could you better optimise your blog?

i would optimise my website by making it better next time and the way to do that is to look at a different blogs and be creative.

what are some opportunities you could take advantage of with your blog?

i would first take an opportunity to see other people’s blog and evaluate the y blog so next time i will know that to do better in my blog.

happy blogging!




my research lol

What is appealing about them?

The interesting thing about Sarah’s blog is that it has a lot of interesting facts. It is good for me but I don’t think it will be that appealing to people.

How could they be improved?

I think the way she put the colors and they way that she didn’t use her  own words. Next time she should  try to write it in her own words and try to express it more about her pictures. i think the audience wouldn’t want to see words from copying and paste. and she shouldn’t copy and paste the words or stole words from another website. i think that need to be improved.

  • one thing that she need to improve by putting lot of pictures and most importantly is her words
  • she need to use her own words.

how is the blog organised?

to be honest her blog isn’t that organised , the pictures are everywhere which is bad. i love the way she put her pictures, talking about organisations know i don’t see any organised things in her blog.

is the blog respectful?

yes, of course her blog is way respectful , it only about the dresses and how other people would like to see different of clothes. it always good to see different kind of dresses online , it just brings out  the beautiful  color of belonging.

does the blog elicit meaningful discussion?

know i don’t think so, because her blog doesn’t have many things in there but i think it might have all that but i don’t think so.her blog have a lot of words that might not be familiar to many people.

does the blog include links and multimedia?

well yes, it includes small links, not the much,am  not too sure about the multimedia but i think she did put a lot of multimedia there and i think us as the  audience wouldn’t  love it . just the way she put the information in her blog it really bad but then i don’t think the audience would be pleased with it.

how is the grammar and spelling

the grammar and spellings are actually good and i think that for that she did a very good job . but then the sadly part is that she copied and paste the words and the grammars, then the words went way too far because i don’t think that the audiences would like to see such words that they don’t understand.

what is the formatting like?

the formatting wasn’t that bad , i think she really tried her best there. and i think that she did it in a good formatting way that the people who will appear to see her blog will love it.


what is appealing about them?

the only thing it is appealing to me is that he use his own words and the information are well prepared.

how could they be improved?

it could improved maybe by putting the background and put expressing his words to the people. and not to sure about but i think he need to put about of pictures there. and his words are not too familiar to people . so i think he need to be improved on that.

how is the blog organised?

i think the blog is well organised as well as the pictures. but he need to be improved on that. but on the other hand it well organised.

is the blog respectful?

yes, the blog is way respectful , he really did a good job there.

does the blog elicit meaningful discussion?

yes, because it discuss the point and let people understand them.

does the blog include links and multimedia?

yes, it has a lot of links and multimedia. but then it not that much there that he got.

how is the grammar and spelling?

the spelling and grammar looks good to me , i don’t know about others who will see his blogs.

what is the formatting like?

the formatting is kind good but not that good , and the formatting is like in a square way .

3, research.

what is appealing about them?

the appealing is bad and i didn’t like the appealing that came into my eyes.

how could they be improved?

she need to be improved in everything like just about 30%, the way she put the pictures and the words that she used in the blog in to improve . because it look like she was writing the blog to the kids not the teenagers.

how is the blog organised?

the blog wasn’t that really organised and  It has been organised with just a small affects  with so much information about funny epic fails. Those information wasn’t that helpful to anyone. she had pictures, categories and tags also.

is the blog respectful?

yes, it way too respectful

does the blog elicit meaningful discussion?

yes, because it discuss the point and let you understand the meaning and what they are trying to say to you and make you understand.

does the blog include links and multimedia?

yes,it has a lot of links and multimedia

how is the grammar and spelling?

it  does not have many spelling error but at the start of the sentence she does not have capital letter and a bit of grammar mistake, the structure  was not that good. she need to improve on that.

what is the formatting like?

her formatting was in a good way it it was like a shape of square as well.

4 research.

what is appealing about them?

it really appealing in a Good way and she has put a lot of appealing pictures, colors and information

how could they be improved?

i think she need to improve the background and the way information way put down.

how is the blog organised?

it blog is well organised and she really put a lot of effect towards this blog

is the blog respectful?

yes, it is way too respectful.

does the blog elicit meaningful discussion?

yes, because it discuss the point and let you understand the meaning and what they are trying to say to you and make you understandably.

does the blog include links and multimedia?

yes, the blog has a lot of links and multimedia which was good to see

how is the grammar and spelling?

there wasn’t any spelling mistake and grammar. she used her own words and grammar mistake wasn’t there. which was good.

what is the formatting like?

the formatting wasn’t that impressive and i wasn’t happy with the formatting.


quality of writing: capable

presentation: accomplished

multimedia: accomplished

community: accomplished


these videos are like wow … welcome to my world people … welcome to the fashion of negirian where you could find anything you wishes … if i was you .. i would totally find the best of all … like my website it has the things that you want .


A political Issues

i will be talking about the political issues in america .

While the Obama administration is burdened with many pressing problems, the plight of undocumented immigrants ranks high among them.  Luckily, some of the most xenophobic voices on the national scene have been temporarily stunned by Obama’s victory.  In this new political context, where Hope has vanquished Fear, we might hope that America can return to the task of constructing a reasonable and humane response to the needs of its Illegal People.

The size of America’s population of undocumented immigrants is impossible to gauge.  Given their irregular status, we should not be surprised that they avoid being counted.  As a rough estimate, however, Passel and Cohn suggest that there are less than 12 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States.  If correct, this number is fewer than those who enjoy permanent legal status.  These people keep the country running: they pick the crops, build the houses, wash the bathrooms, and care for the sick and elderly.  In short, they perform the tasks that Americans are unwilling to do (at least not at the going rate).  In return, they are treated mostly as second-class citizens.

While undocumented workers have always suffered wide-ranging exploitation—working dirty jobs at miserable pay, subjected to raids and arrests, deterred from organizing—their plight was exacerbated by the post-9/11 political climate in the United States.  In a context characterized largely by fear, the war on terror quickly and easily morphed into a war on the foreigner. After the 2008 election, and the signals it sends, a new Congress will have to re-think its approach to border control.

It is this radically new economic and political context that sets the stage for the new Congress, and its work on immigration reform. At the center of its deliberations will be three related issues: the costs of immigration; border control and the war on terror; and the growing influence of Latinos.  This special issue takes aim at these three important subjects.

euro4images (1) look how things are going in america…

what comes to your mind when you think of African fashion?

this video will tell you more about the african fashions and how they wear the dresses and presenting them …………..

Many people think just of the stereotyped idea (but no less  fascinating!) of Safari: animal prints – jaguar, tiger and zebra – are the first that come to mind. Textures that recall animal skins, such as snake and crocodile or even fur, besides handcrafted accessories made of natural materials such as bones, horns, feathers and stones, are also part of this savannah universe. Others may remember the various tribes existing in African culture. Many tend to paint their bodies with symbolic geometrical designs. These paintings are associated with ethnic tribal prints, also composed of geometric elements and lots of color. There are also those who remember the aesthetic of some African religions like Candomblé– characterized by white, light and natural-fiber clothing – and Islam, with long tunics worn over the clothes. But those who remember that Morocco is part of Africa will immediately picture the beautiful kaftan that are produced there. And these are just a few examples. When it comes to African fashion there is definitely a wide range of styles! ……….

With so much to be explored, new African designers create collections inspired by their own culture and tradition, bringing them to the 21st century context and turning them into objects of desire throughout the world.





downloadf9e2eb27fa0118532549f7bf52aa73f7_500 there’s some good things about african dresses. which is  The showcasing of clothes from home-grown African designers in stores in new york London and Tokyo is a sign of a broader change of attitude towards a continent which is earning a brighter reputation beyond stories of war and disease.

It has proven difficult for Africa’s home grown designers to break into the mainstream fashion market because the perception has often been that products from the world’s poorest continent are of low quality or just not cool. you can also see famous people wear them like rihanna , and more others.


“It was a good thing to see international designers putting African fashion on the map,” said Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel Mensah, who quit his job as a fund manager to launch online clothes retailer Kisua.com.

“Now we’re starting to see Africa taking ownership of its own cultural assets. African designers are being noticed. They are stocked in international stores.”

and the bad thing about it it will get used to your body . when you try to wear other it wont look that good as the african dress looked. that we have to stay away from it sometimes it can destroy you sometimes as how u said before. african dresses would be good if you wear them like once or twice a week.




my future dresses

Islamic attire in itself is very trendy way of wearing clothes in the Muslim religion with different styles by both men and women. It reveals the personality of people with attitude and good choices made by them. As times are changing Muslim girls are putting their personality into suits.  Modern flair has come up in the new age of clothing in Islam. The only thing which should be taken care about is that full body should be covered with flowing garments and should be modest. The dresses are not stick to only white, black and brown colors. Never ending color has come up.if you want hi jabs and other more things just look for it online …. there are many colors that you may like and it cheap that the things i like about this dresses

images (2)img-thingbride-to-be-islamic-dress